Robin Haines Merrill
WORKS WITH: Oil paint, Photography, Acrylic, mixed media, and God.




My paintings are evocative of vibrations and spiritual realities.
Because I am also a fine art photographer, my feeling is
“if I can photograph it, I don’t want to paint it".  I left realism to pursue painting that which cannot be seen, but is nevertheless real, such as spiritual dimensions and the life forces around us.

I see that Creation is mirrored in micro and macro forms.
Waves, when seen close up, can be indistinguishable from clouds, as well as the veins in an exposed rock formation.
This is what I paint.

A close up on skin patterns can be interchanged with the caverns in the Grand Canyon,
when seen from a cropped viewpoint.
God has replicated all of creation with a pattern, purpose, and reflection of the Divine. This is what I paint.

The “Language” series of paintings has to do with my idea that
God transmits ideas and concepts to us not in language form such as words, but in multidimensional space, color, movement, and possibly forms such as those seen in DNA molecules or random marks reminiscent of computer data.
This series is an exploration of how the Creator of the Universe transmits ideas to the human brain.
The “Offering” series has to do with the historical way in which people of various times and cultures have tried to communicate with God, through sacrifices, worship and offerings, usually lifted up to a Being thought of as removed and above.
The “Underwater” paintings are views from the top of the water,
looking over the side of a boat, to see how light reflects off
the various layers of water down to the colorful coral formations on the bottom.
These layers of reflection are synonymous with
the layers of reality in human existence.

Robin Haines Merrill is an Artist-Missionary with 30 years of experience in the areas of faith-based and environmental stewardship, non-profit management, and economic development. She serves as the Founder and Executive Director of the Christian Cultural Development Foundation (CCDF), a non-profit organization incorporated in the Philippines (1990) and the United States (2002) providing creative alternatives to people in prostitution, street children, HIV-AIDS patients, and human trafficking victims from around the world who want a change in lifestyle and seek a Christian lifestyle. CCDF has two non-profit businesses for its economic development projects: Mission Gifts, a Fair Trade retail store, and the Upper Room Art Gallery.

As Founder and Executive Director of Mission Gifts and Upper Room Art Gallery, Robin has been in business for ten years exclusively representing established Filipino artists in the United States and selling Fair Trade and faith-based products to the South Florida market. Under her direction the gallery has received several honors and awards including the 2010 EDITORS CHOICE Award from South Florida Parenting Magazine, "Most Unique Gallery" from Kids Crown Awards, and "Best Art Gallery in Downtown Fort Lauderdale 2008" from GORiverwalk Magazine of the Riverwalk Trust. Robin has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from California College of Arts & Crafts with high distinction and a focus in painting, film and video. Her graduate studies have been at New College Berkeley, William Carey International University, Fuller Theological Seminary and the Asean Institute of Arts. She co-founded the Christian Fellowship of Artists on campus at CCAC and was actively involved in student government throughout her time in college.

Robin serves her community in several ways. While on the Leadership Board of the Green League of Broward County she organizes a diverse network of environmental groups and activists. As Chair of Faith Based Initiatives of the Broward Human Trafficking Coalition her goal is to get every faith based group in the county involved in awareness and outreach regarding human trafficking in Broward County. Currently she is co-creating the Art Walk Las Olas, a cultural revival aimed at transforming the downtown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Robin is originally from Detroit, Michigan and now lives in South Florida with her husband, artist Mark Merrill and two sons. She spent 15 years living in the Philippines as a missionary with an interdenominational, Evangelical outreach ministry among the urban poor. Together with FACE, a cultural exchange group from California, she frequently visited China and helped produce a feature film with the Chinese government, and lectured on Art and Urban Poverty issues at universities throughout mainland China and Inner Mongolia. Robin is also a member of the International Christian Alliance on Prostitution and co-founder of the Evangelical Coalition of Ministries among Prostitution – Philippines.

Robin is a public speaker on the topics of Fair Trade & Human Trafficking, Christianity & Community Activism, Vocation & Missions, and Art related topics. Select lectures can be viewed online.

Contact: Robin Haines Merrill at 954-828-1505

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