Ann Wizer
WORKS WITH: Garbage, natural waste, people, the earth, various art materials.
CURRENTLY RESIDES: Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. Recent resident of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Ann Wizer is an artist and environmental activist, living in SouthEast Asia for more than two decades.

From performance art to functional furniture made from trash, Ann is able to make strong statements and attractive Art at the same time.

Constantly moving on to new subject matter and materials, Ann's work is never static and always relevant to the global cultural community.


One Person Exhibitions

2008  - INVISIBLE unseen people unseen waste, Galeria Dumelia, Manila

2007 - Pastourelle, Rawspace Gallery, Brisbane, Australia

2005  ·  SOAPOPERA, Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2004  ·  XSProject, React Center, Jakarta

         ·  XSProject: review & preview, Aksara Bookstore, Jakarta

2002  ·  Empty Legacy: works made from trash, Galeri Lontar, Jakarta

2001  ·  Virus Project, Institut Kesenian Jakarta, Jakarta

1999  ·  Gender Studies, The Drawing Room, Manila

1997  ·  Roads to Nowhere: notes on urban loss, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Manila

1992  ·  Passage, Thomas Jefferson Cultural Center, United States Embassy, Manila

1990  ·  Time and Again, P3 Alternative Museum, Tochoji Zen Temple, Tokyo

1989  ·  Skyscrapers, Gallery Savoir Vivre, Tokyo

1988  ·  Moonlight, Tokyo American Center, Tokyo; Sapporo American Center, Sapporo;  

            Nagoya American Center, Nagoya

1986  ·  Recent Sculpture, Gallery Isogaya, Tokyo

1978  ·  Obsessions, Yannis Consortium, New York City

1976  ·  Delusions, Aegean School of Fine Arts, Paros, Greece


Group Exhibitions

2006  ·  Biennale Jakarta 2006: BEYOND Its Limits and Challenges, Cemara 6 Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

         · Women Artists in the Met Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Manila, Philippines

            · JakARTa Kolektors, John McGlynn's Residence, Jakarta, Indonesia  

2005   ·  CP Biennale II 2005: Urban/Culture, Museum Bank Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

            ·  Taboo and Transgression in Contemporary Indonesian Art, Herbert F. Johnson Museum,

           Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

2003  ·  mesh, the art gallery, National Institute of Education, Singapore

2002  ·  TALI IKAT fiber connections, organized by Cemeti Art Foundation, Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta

         ·  Fashion Explorations, organized by Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts, Earl Lu Gallery II, Singapore

         ·  Hugis at Hubog (Shape and Form), exhibition featuring works of theater set and costume designers and technicians, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Manila

2001  ·  Sharing Art Ocean & Mountain, collaborative workshop. Tejakula, Bali, Indonesia           

           · Virus Project, works from Virus Project Workshop, Galeri Cipta III, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta

         ·  Art and Religiousity, symposium/collaborative festival, Costume collaboration for Diane Butler (Naropa University), headdresses for GAGADADA performance with Andrea Morein and Lynn Vetter. Tejakula, Bali, Indonesia

2000 ·  Tana Toraja Arts & Ritual Festival, performance HELLO GOODBYE! Sulawesi, Indonesia

            ·  WOWB-Who Owns Women's Bodies? Lipa City, Cagayan de Oro, Vigan, Cebu, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines; and Chulalongkorn Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand

         ·  Aswang Fashions, costumes and props from LUNA, An Aswang Romance,  The Drawing Room, Manila

1999  · Defining Our Future, Baguio International Arts Festival, Baguio City, Philippines

         ·  At Home Abroad, collaborative performance with COINER: Thomas Kumheln, writer/musician, Germany; Z.A.P., photographer/sound technician, Germany; at CESTA, Tabor, Czech Republic

         ·  Queenly Matters, performance in Mega Mall sponsored by Third Space, Manila

1998  ·  Ang Takeri, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Manila

            ·  Viral Reality, organizer of Earth Day event on Pasig River, Manila

            ·  Women Without Borders, exhibition traveled for 4 years to 33 countries

            ·  Plastic (and other) Waste, Chulalongkorn Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

            ·  10th Anniversary Show, Café By the Ruins, Baguio City, Philippines

1997  · The Gallery Artists, Brix Gallery, Manila

 ·  All Dressed Up! Ayala Museum, Manila

           ·   Conversation Piece, Gallery III, Ayala Museum, Manila

         ·  Book Art IV, The Luz Gallery, Manila

         ·  Group Show, Penguin Gallery, Manila

1996  · Jamming on an Old Saya, exhibition following theater/fashion event.National Council on Culture and the Arts, Manila

1995  ·  Collaborative installation with designer Steve de Leon, Hotel Inter-Con, Manila

1994  ·  Art Manila Sino Sila? Shangri-La Plaza, Manila

1993  ·  Cross Currents, 4th Baguio Arts Festival, Baguio Convention Center, Baguio, Philippines

         ·  Wallless Gallery traveling exhibition in the Philippines with Cesare and Jean Marie Syjuco's ARTLAB

         ·  Installations by Baguio Arts Guild Baguio City Convention Center, Baguio City, Philippines

1992  ·  Naguri Dam Outdoor Exhibition Naguri Village, Saitama, Japan

         ·  Kilusan Katutubong Sining (Movement for Indigenous Art) Alliance Francaise Gallery, Manila

         ·  Collaborative Works by 3 Oarhouse, Malate, Manila

         ·  Viva Excon 2nd Visayas Islands Visual Arts Exhibition and Conference, Bacolod City, Philippines

1989  ·  Objects Gallery Natsuhiko, Tokyo

         ·  Tokyo Transmission Seibu, Tokyo

1988  ·  Handy Works by Hands Gallery Lunami Annex, Tokyo

         ·  Tokyo Transmission Seibu, Tokyo

1987  ·  San San Ten Gallery Chikyudo, Tokyo

1984  ·  Group Show Gallery Yours, Ito, Shizuoka, Japan

1984  ·  Inside Reality Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, Md.

         ·  New Names, Gallery 10, Washington D.C.

         ·  Artscape, Baltimore, Md.

         ·  Washington Sculpture--Prospects and Perspectives, Artists' Space, Washington, D.C.

         ·  Salisbury State College Invitational, Salisbury, Md.


Theater Collaborations

2004  ·  World Peace Barong, created "Pilgrimage" costume for Diane Butler, Samuan Tiga, Bali

2003  ·  Middle Mountain, created costume for collaborative dance/theater performance, organized by Mohamad Zul, Taksu Gallery, Jakarta

2002  ·  Meeting of Seven Villages, created headdresses for local dancers, organized by Suprapto Suryodarmo, Solo, Indonesia

         ·  Tubuh Yang Terbuang (Discarded Body), Costumes for dance performance by Diane Butler and Suprapto Suryodarmo, Theater Utan Kayu, Jakarta

         ·  Barangay Asia NEO-FILIPINO Series, graphic design for Ballet Philippines, Manila

2001  ·  Radioactive SAGO Project, costumes from rubber inner tubes for rock music group, Manila

2000  · LUNA, an Aswang Romance, developed costumes, props, headdresses for Gilda Cordero-Fernando's collaborative theatre/fashion/folklore production involving more than 20 visual artists and fashion designers. Written by Rody Vera, directed by Anton Juan, performed in Teatro Aguinaldo, Quezon City, Manila

1997  · Unravelling the Maya; set, costume, and prop design for a contemporary dance/theater piece. Ramli Ibrahim, Denisa Reyes-artistic directors. Ramlli Ibrahim , Denisa Reyes-choreography,  Rahayu Supanggah-music, Indonesia. Premiered at Auditorium Dewan Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1995  · A Soldier's Tale or Kuwento Ng Kawal, set and costume design.  Tanghalang Pilipino - resident theater company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Directed by Nonon Padilla, text by Ramuz, music by Igor Stravinksy

  • Jamming on an Old Saya, stage effects and headdresses for Gilda Cordero-Fernando's collaborative theater/fashion event showcasing contemporary works made of antique fabrics by designers; Salvador Bernal, Steve de Leon, Tessie Macasaet, Gigi Escalante. Accompanying book and T.V. show

        ·  For the Gods, costume design for contemporary dance performance by Denisa Reyes-choreographer. "Heaven and Earth" festival, City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong

1994   ·  Suwana costume design for Ballet Philippines. Collaboration with Denisa Reyes-choreographer, Al Santos-libretto, Alwin Reamillo -set, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila

1993  ·  Rite of Spring contemporary set and costume design for full company of Igor Stravinsky's Rite of Spring performance by Ballet Philippines. Collaboration with artistic director/choreographer - Denisa Reyes, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila

1992  ·  Puting Uwak or White Crow set design/sculptural installation for performance by Jean Marie Syjuco, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila

1992  · ASIN Set design for folk/rock concert, Folk Arts Theatre, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila


Catalogues and Other Publications

2006   ·  Biennale Jakarta 2006: The Others, Galeri Cemara, Jakarta, Indonesia

2005   ·  CP Biennale II 2005: Urban/Culture, Museum Bank Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

         · Taboo and Transgression in Contemporary Indonesian Art, Amanda Katherine Rath, exhibition catalogue

2002  ·  TALI IKAT fiber connections, organized by Cemeti Art Foundation, exhibition catalogue

         ·  Empty Legacy: works made from trash, Asikin Hasan and Nirwan Dewanto, exhibition catalogue

2000  ·  ann wizer : re-membering our bodies, re-connecting our selves, by Flaudette May Datuin, exhibition catalog for Who Owns Womens' Bodies?

1999  ·  Gender Studies-Studies in Wit, Color and Humor, Flaudette May Datuin, exhibition notes for Gender Studies exhibition

1998  ·  Plastic (& other) Waste, Asia Pacific Artist Solidarity Center of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, exhibition catalogue

1998  ·  Re-imaging the City, Rethinking the Future, by Flaudette May Datuin, exhibition catalogue for Roads to Nowhere - notes on urban loss

1995  ·  Jamming on an Old Saya, by Gilda Cordero-Fernando, book by Anvil Publishing

1993  ·  Lake Naguri Open Air Exhibition, Japan, exhibition catalogue

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1992  ·  The Philosophy of the Limit, by Drucilla Cornell, book cover photograph, Routledge, 1992

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1989  ·  Tokyo Transmission '89, Astrid De Los Rios, Seibu, Tokyo, exhibition catalogue

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         ·  Sogetsu Kaikan, Tokyo, Study in Sogetsu School of Ikebana, 1989-1991

         ·  Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, MD, MFA 1983

         ·  School of Visual Arts, New York, NYC Study in illustration, 1977

         ·  California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA, BFA, 1976

         ·  Aegean School of Fine Arts, Paros, Greece, 1975-1976


Teaching Experience

  • Lasalle SIA College of the Arts, Singapore, Material World Workshop, design students utilizing consumer waste materials for installation and fashion, 2002
  • Institut Kesenian Jakarta (Art Institute of Jakarta), Virus Project Workshop, interdisciplinary workshop for students and faculty, utilizing waste material for costumes and sculptures, 2001
  • Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan, Instructor of English and American culture, 1985-1991
  • Smithsonian Institution, Resident Associates Program and Young Associates Program, Instructor of fine arts and crafts, Washington, D.C., 1982-1984
  • Corcoran School of Art, Washington, D.C. Instructor of drawing, 1984
  • Mt. Vernon College, Washington, D.C. Instructor of watercolor, 1982-1983
  • American University, Continuing Education Department, Washington, D.C. Instructor of watercolor and drawing, 1982

Teaching Experience continued

  • Arlington County Visual Arts Program, Arlington, Va. Instructor of fine arts and crafts, 1981-1982



Board of Directors: Dharma Nature Time, international foundation supporting intercultural and inter-religious dialogue and education in cultural environments through sharing in the arts, religiosity and the environment.


Founder:  XSProject Foundation (Yayasan XSProject Reguna Kreasi): using art and education to protect the environment and reduce poverty.


XSProject: recipient of PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) Environment Award, Indonesia Chapter 2004